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The word Rudra finds its context first in the Rig Veda where Rudra is described as the mightiest of the mighty. Rudra also means Shankara, the one who eradicates all types of problems from its roots. From Rudra, comes the word Rudraksha. According to Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva had been meditating with closed eyes for a long time. When he came out of the state of ‘Vairagya’, a few teardrops from his eyes fell on earth. These drops were transformed into a type of seed that we know as Rudraksha.

As the seed is born from Lord Shiva’s eyes, it possesses the infinite energy of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is known as Adi Yogi, the one who preached yoga first in this universe. He wears Rudraksha beads on his arms and neck which increases the spiritual and religious significance of Rudraksha. Lingaraj Rudraksha shop in Cuttack offers you the best quality of Rudraksha beads that are imported from Nepal. We believe that Rudraksha can impact our lives by destroying all types of misfortune and sorrows. In the yogic culture, Rudraksha has great importance as it is associated with mystical chants and special PuJas.

IIt is believed that keeping Rudraksha at your home or office brings good fortune and keeps negative energy away. The Rudraksha beads create a positive energy field around you that keeps away spirits, ghosts, negative thoughts, and misfortunes. If you want pure Rudraksha beads at affordable prices, we can deliver them to your doorstep in Cuttack.

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